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Real stories from other travelers who joined EA+

Published on November 21st, 2017

EA+ arranged for a nurse escort and airline tickets for the nurse, myself and my wife back to our home … I am very thankful to EA+ for all of your help. It sure helped us in a difficult situation.

– Jim S., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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I would like to commend the team at EA+ and the staff that made the air ambulance trip with my wife. They were all very professional. The entire staff at the hospital in Knoxville could not believe the way EA+ did everything that was promised. Your staff could not have been any better to me…

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EA+ Took Care of Everything

On a recent trip to Aruba my wife had an unfortunate fall and broke her hip. The police and EMTs in Aruba were great and treated my wife very well and took her to the hospital where she was treated and had x-rays taken. I immediately contacted the Emergency Assistance Plus Medical Team at the…

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The stories herein are true member experiences. The names of the individuals and certain details have been changed to protect member privacy. EA+ offers a variety of membership plans with different service levels. The services described are based on the specific EA+ membership plan that these members purchased. Please review your Member Guide carefully to understand all services available to you, as well as any rules and regulations.