Emergency Assistance Plus
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Providing Personal Care and Service

A Human Approach

EA+ is a suite of emergency travel assistance services delivered with compassion and empathy.

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Leadership Team

The executive and leadership group that steers the EA+ ship is focused on delivering industry-leading service that permeates every level of membership and every aspect of the member experience. It’s important that we understand our members’ needs, which is why we work hand-in-hand with the Member Care and Emergency Response teams. Most importantly, at the end of the day, we pride ourselves on recognizing that our members are people—in particular, people in need of time-sensitive assistance. It’s that human-driven approach that distinguishes Emergency Assistance Plus from so many other emergency travel assistance programs on the market.


Member Care Team

When existing EA+ members rave about the program’s comprehensive and attentive customer service, what they’re really doing is complimenting our Member Care Team. The professionals who make up this team are the ambassadors of the program. When new and aspiring members call to enroll in Emergency Assistance Plus, these are the dedicated workers who welcome them with a friendly voice. They’re also the specialists who answer any questions that new or prospective members may have. In short, the EA+ Member Care Team receives and welcomes new and existing members, provides answers, and troubleshoots any membership-related issues that may arise.


Emergency Response Team

When a dire medical situation arises, the EA+ Emergency Response Team are the front line of difference-makers. These individuals—a combination of assistance coordinators, operators, medical directors and rescue nurses—are committed to making sure Emergency Assistance Plus members receive the care they need no matter where they are in the world. These highly skilled rescue workers recognize that an EA+ member isn’t a number; rather, they’re a friend and family member, which is why every Emergency Response Team professional treats them as such. In fact, this team will stay in contact with members not only during their time of crisis but afterward to make sure they are recovering properly.

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EA+ Member Kenneth O.

Impressive Customer Service

“Gloria did an amazing job! She listened and asked all the right questions to ensure I understood my Emergency Assistance Plus membership.”