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Paul M., Massachusetts

Published on March 2nd, 2021

On a recent trip to Aruba my wife had an unfortunate fall and broke her hip. The police and EMTs in Aruba were great and treated my wife very well and took her to the hospital where she was treated and had x-rays taken. I immediately contacted the Emergency Assistance Plus Medical Team at the number on my EA+ card and got the ball rolling relative to our situation.

The EA+ representative, Alicia, gave me the case number and proceeded to do what EA+ does, take care of EVERYTHING. Within twenty-four hours we were flown by air ambulance to Broward Healthcare in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On board were two rescue nurses, me and my wife and two pilots.

Alicia and rescue nurse Christina coordinated all logistics between the hospitals in Aruba and Fort Lauderdale, the transport company, ambulance services in both countries and assured us that they had everything under control, and believe me, they did.

While my wife recuperated from surgery, I stayed at a local hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  I was shuttled back and forth to the hospital by Hampton Inn and its very capable drivers and was treated to a very nice breakfast daily while staying there. The care my wife received at Broward Healthcare was second to none. The doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel were very attentive and professional. A great experience under the circumstances.

When my wife was capable of being moved home, we left Florida with a nurse escort, Gary, accompanying us back to Boston and a rehab facility. Upgraded accommodations due to my wife’s medical condition all the way to our hometown rehab facility. The nurse made sure that my wife was comfortable and that all necessary medications were administered timely. Once again, very professionally done.

We couldn’t be happier with EA+ and the coordination of all activities necessary for a situation such as ours. One phone call was all it took to ensure that we would not have to line up contacts, travel arrangements, medical facilities and any other details involved with our situation. We heartily praise and recommend to our friends and family that EA+ is the only travel assistance program when planning their next trip.

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