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You Are An Instrument Of God!

Jeanne & Steve E., Florida

Published on September 14th, 2021

God bless you! We are so very grateful for your organization’s generous kindness to my husband in bringing us home to FL from MI via air ambulance in July. You went far and above the terms of our membership and we are “eternally grateful” for your actions!

Just to have the Assistance Coordinator call us to check on my husband’s condition a few days before our fight was indicative of the care we experienced with all who work for you. The air ambulance team was also very helpful and kind – if I failed to mention someone who helped us, I apologize, just know that everyone at EA+ is top notch!

When that call came in to let us know that EA+ had agreed to supply transportation via air ambulance, I was literally speechless and a floodgate of tears tore open! (Actually, I almost called back to make sure I hadn’t dreamed what I had just been told!!) In this day and age of “bottom line” businesses and everyone out to get by at the least amount of cost, you have renewed our faith that there are caring businesses with a heart!

I must tell you that my husband has been the “servant of servants” with his computer expertise for the past 20 years serving Christian ministries throughout this nation. It was as if all his efforts to help others came flooding back to him through your generosity! You truly are an instrument of God!

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