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Elizabeth & Charles S., Arizona

Published on October 13th, 2022

In December 2014 we purchased Emergency Assistance Plus. Little did we ever imagine that this valuable membership would get us home from Akureyri, Iceland, in October 2022.

Our story begins on the Hurtigruten Expedition ship MS Spitsbergen adventure to the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, a long-awaited holiday. All was well during the first part of the trip with cruising among the icebergs off the glacier wall, polar bear and whale viewing, and a day cruising in a tender offshore at Jan Mayen Island.

Then my husband, Charles, became ill. The ship’s doctor made the decision to have us disembark at the next port of call, Akureyri, Iceland. An ambulance was waiting at the dock and we were transported to the hospital. After a medical evaluation by the emergency department, Charles was admitted and within 24 hours had surgery to remove a badly infected and abscessed gallbladder. We are so grateful for the care and competence of the ship’s doctor making all the arrangements.

While the hospital staff in Akureyri was caring for Charles, I began the task of contacting our trip insurance companies. After a few phone calls and with the help of caring staff at Emergency Assistance Plus, arrangements were made to send a rescue nurse and provide transportation from the hospital to our home in Arizona. We were blessed with the most experienced nurse, Carmen, who not only cared so professionally and competently for my husband but for me as well. She also insured that the travel was expedited per the counsel of the hospital surgeons and EA+ medical staff. Flying was the only option since a five-hour plus drive on a road from Akureyri to Reykjavik with numerous road closures and a pending snowstorm would not be possible for a post-surgery patient.

Please accept this letter as a most sincere thank you from Charles and me for the assistance we received from the staff at Emergency Assistance Plus and especially for nurse Carmen who provided the service. We are so happy that we had this membership and that the individuals helped us expedite our transportation so smoothly.

Charles is better each day and we expect a full recovery. My stress level goes down each day.

Again, thanks so much for your assistance. We are true fans of Emergency Assistance Plus.

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