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As Coronavirus Spreads Americans Can Begin Taking Precautions Now

Santa Barbara, California –  There are currently over 82,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide. The U.S. State Department has already announced travel advisories for mainland China and urges the American public to exercise caution if traveling to countries with active cases of the coronavirus. Though there are a limited number of cases currently in the U.S., the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is preparing for possible outbreaks in American communities.

The public can begin preparing now and take precautions to lessen their chances of exposure to the virus. Practicing basic hygiene such as washing your hands or using an alcohol based hand sanitizer after using the restroom or being in public spaces can eliminate your chances of picking up germs that can turn into sickness. People who have a cold or flu should limit time spent in public and cover their nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing.

For those who are planning to travel, be sure to research any travel advisories and assess the situation before you depart. Contact your health insurance provider to ensure your plan has an in-network system at your destination or determine if you need additional travel protection. Additionally, carry sanitizing wipes to disinfect seats and tabletops in public places.

Consider purchasing a travel assistance membership, like Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+), for extra protection and security. EA+ is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak in Asia and Italy and is continually receiving up-to-date intelligence on the current situation. If a member finds themselves in the midst of an outbreak while traveling, EA+ can help them navigate the situation and assist with alternative travel arrangements if needed.

EA+ is offered by Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc., a division of AGIA Affinity Services, is a leading provider of emergency travel protection and rescue and security products. Each year, Worldwide Rescue & Security protects hundreds of thousands of customers in the event of medical emergencies or security situations. For more information, please visit