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Travelers Put Their Trust in Emergency Assistance Plus

Santa Barbara, CA – As vaccines for COVID-19 are rolled out across the country, Americans are thinking about ...

70% of Americans Miss Traveling, Studies Report

Santa Barbara, CA –  According to a recent study, 70% of Americans miss traveling due to the current COVID-19 ...

As Coronavirus Spreads Americans Can Begin Taking Precautions Now

Santa Barbara, CA –  There are currently over 82,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide. The U.S. ...

Earn Miles on Several Major Airlines with Emergency Assistance Plus

When it comes to earning miles on your favorite airline there are many options to take advantage of including ...

Man Needs Emergency Surgery While on a Cruise

Santa Barbara, CA – The Jones family set out for a long-awaited cruise in the Caribbean. A couple days into ...

Top 10 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Santa Barbara, CA – Avid travelers usually opt for experiences over material objects, but whether you have a ...

Fall Fresh Travel Trends

Santa Barbara, CA – With summer now coming to an end, the leaves will turn from tranquil green to vivacious ...

Study Claims Fourth of July is the Deadliest Holiday

Santa Barbara, CA – The American Safety Council announced, “The 4th of July is the deadliest holiday of the ...

AGIA Affinity Takes Home Gold Award at 2019 PIMA Conference 

Nashville, TN – AGIA Affinity won a gold award for outstanding achievement in marketing at the 2019 PIMA ...