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We Would Have Been Marooned

Wendy A., California

Published on February 15th, 2022

I had to tell this story.

My husband had an emergency quadruple bypass. After his recovery, we booked tickets and thought it might be the last time he went home to Australia to see his daughter and granddaughter, who was 4 years old, so I took our EA+ with us just in case.

We arrived to experience his last Anzac Sunrise service and we all left the house very excited. My granddaughter was holding my hand and merrily jumped in front of me accidentally treading on my toes and brought us both down to the ground. I was so concerned that I would fall on her I fell sideways. I couldn’t get up without the aid of two very kind strangers.

In pain, I continued walking onto the service holding my husband’s arm. The sun was coming up and I felt not only chilly, but a little dizzy. Not wanting to cause any more fuss I said I would walk over to the nearby seat and wait for them. Aided, I sat and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful. After the service, the family came to get me but unfortunately, I couldn’t get up. The paramedics were called, and I was put into a wheelchair.

This is where without Emergency Assistance Plus both my husband and I would have been marooned in Australia for some time. I had broken my pelvis in two places. EA+ came to the rescue and as soon as I could fly they had my husband and I on the next plane home. I could not sit for the duration of the flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles so we were upgraded so that I could lie down. The help we received was flawless and I would recommend EA+ to anyone. I had purchased EA+ in case my husband needed to be transported home, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be me!!  Thank you, EA+.

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