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I Won’t Travel Without EA+

James W., Iowa

Published on July 1st, 2024

For several years I have participated in this program – never expecting or hoping to ever use it. However, like many veterans (and Boy Scouts) I like “being prepared”. I was not prepared for the exceptional service and consideration your people had when I first suffered a stroke while being a “Winter Texan” in Mission, Texas.

When I phoned the gentleman at the number on the back of my Emergency Assistance Plus card he said not to worry, just rest, and he would take care of everything and get things moving. He did! I had been in the hospital about 5-6 days and within 2 days he had everything arranged.

Due to my medical condition, a fabulous nurse escort, Dana, came to the hospital to check on me, and then take me home. She had a car and driver and we stopped to pick up a prescription that I required and then with my wife, we drove to the airport. Flying first class to Dallas and then on to Cedar Rapids. The nurse often checked on me, which made my wife feel much more comfortable after a week of worrying about me and how we could get home. Dana had a car and driver at the Cedar Rapids airport and we went directly to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Iowa City. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to take care of me and my wife. A real pro!

My sole purpose in writing this is to request that you compliment and possibly reward these fine members of your team. Rest assured I can only give a glowing report on all aspects of your company’s exceptional service.

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