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I think EA+ May Have Saved Her Life

Manfred A., California

Published on December 18th, 2023

My wife was at our vacation home in Southern Baja, MX and I was in the U.S. when I was called that my wife is feeling very sick. I flew to southern Baja, and found my wife in terrible pain – at 80 years old looking like an 8-month pregnant woman. I got her right into the local hospital in Loreto. The doctor there planned an emergency surgery the next day (removed the appendix, drained excess fluid and stitched her up). The prescribed drugs did not help and after she got her stitches removed, my wife had not eaten for nearly a week (lived on the hospital intravenous for liquids and antibiotics), the doctor suggested to fly her to the U.S. on an emergency basis.

We contacted the Emergency Assistance Plus team, who after checking again with doctors and hospitals and completing some paperwork, they sent a plane, picked her up and flew her to the nearest hospital where we live! The help she got from EA+ here in Mexico from the hospital to the plane, flight and drop off at the hospital emergency section was incredible! This flight may have saved my wife’s life in the condition she was in! I can only recommend their service to anyone travelling abroad! Could not have a better service under our circumstances!

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