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An Example Of The Highest Quality Of Care

Ken K., Florida

Published on August 2nd, 2021

As someone who likes to engage in mildly adventurous activities such as general aviation and motorcycle and scooter riding I have carried EA+ for a number of years hoping never to use it.

Well, this year that all changed and I have truly gained great appreciation for this membership. Having registered for a cross-country scooter ride from Bar Harbor, Maine to Eureka, California prior to the COVID epidemic, restrictions had finally restored freedom enough that the event occurred this summer.

Ready to hit the road.

About 150 miles into the ride sandy debris of the road from recent rainfall sent me and my scooter out of control at a mere 20 mph. I was amazed how much an impact from that low speed could hurt. Fellow riders quickly called 911 and a short ride to a nearby community hospital in Norway, Maine resulted in a number of x rays and the quick decision to transfer me to the level 1 Trauma center at Portland, Maine (the only level 1 center in Maine). As soon as my wife heard of the accident she contacted EA+ and was amazed at the degree to which they were ready to assist her.

Multiple broken ribs, a broken breastbone, injury to both lungs and other injures were all sustained without a scratch on my body due to protective clothing. It’s too bad the clothing didn’t prevent the impact. A several-day stay before the trauma doctors approved my transfer back to Florida and EA+ was quick to arrange air transport back home to Florida. Unfortunately, the trauma team determined that air transport was not possible due to the lung and chest injury. EA+ quickly arranged alternative transport via train with two escort nurses.

EA+ and nurses Frank and Jen did everything possible to assist me. EA+ has certainly proven its value to me! One of my trauma physicians even commented that he was not accustomed to dealing with such “Cadillac” quality care.

Traveling home with EA+ rescue nurses, Jen and Frank.

Once home, I received many well wishes from fellow riders. When telling them of my experience with EA+ a number of them immediately signed up for a membership, all hoping they will never have to use it.

As a retired RN Nurse Practitioner, AeroMedical Physician Assistant, Medical School professor and medical text author I think I’m a pretty good judge of quality care and this was an example to the highest quality of care.

Many thanks to all of those involved in getting me home safely.

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