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What Membership Is Right for the Way I Travel?

A comprehensive overview of EA+ membership options: Individual, Family and Extended Family

Published on March 11th, 2024 in EA+ Explained

Whether you enjoy solo travel, or traveling with the whole family, Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) is proud to offer a variety of membership options designed to meet your needs.


An individual membership provides you access to all EA+ services. So, if you are hospitalized while traveling away from home, you will have access to Emergency Medical Evacuation, Transportation Home, RV/Vehicle Return and so much more, depending on your specific situation. We’ll even provide a round-trip economy-class airline ticket to bring a loved one to your bedside if you’re traveling alone and become hospitalized.

However, those traveling with you are not completely left unprotected. EA+ includes several services that assist your traveling companions if you are hospitalized while traveling, including:

  • Transportation Home for Companion – via a one-way ticket if EA+ medically evacuates you, transports you home, or you pass away while traveling, EA+ will arrange transportation home for your companion.
  • Transportation Home for Minor Children – if your hospitalization leaves them unattended, EA+ will arrange for their transportation home with a qualified escort to ensure they get home safely.
  • Pet Housing or Return Home Assistance – if you are traveling with a pet and can no longer care for them during your medical emergency, EA+ will help arrange for their housing or transportation home.


A family EA+ membership provides you, your spouse/domestic partner, and dependents access to all EA+ services. This means that when traveling together or independently, those covered under the family membership have access to Emergency Medical Evacuation, Transportation Home, RV/Vehicle Return and so much more, depending on the specific situation.

Dependents include your unmarried children from birth through age 18; or through age 22 if they are enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college, university, vocational or technical school; as well as children whose support is required by a court decree; or adult child(ren) or grandchild(ren) with mental or physical disabilities who are solely dependent on you for maintenance and support. Children include biological children, stepchildren and legally adopted children.

Best of all, with a family membership, covered family members have access to all of the services provided by EA+ when traveling together or separately. If traveling on a trip without you, dependents are covered provided the trip does not exceed ninety (90) days.

As with an individual membership, other individuals traveling with you who meet the definition of traveling companion have access to all traveling companion services as well.

Extended Family

Under a traditional family membership, most adult children don’t meet the qualifications of a dependent. But we’ve learned that many members enjoy traveling with their adult children, their adult children’s spouses and their grandchildren so we designed the Extended Family add-on to provide additional coverage options.

With the Extended Family, access to critical EA+ services are extended to the member’s Grandchild(ren), Adult Child(ren), Adult Child(ren)’s Spouse, Parent(s), Grandparent(s), Brother(s) or Sister(s) who are traveling with the member as a Traveling Companion.

This is an important distinction between the family and Extended Family membership options — with Extended Family, those additional family members do need to be traveling with you on the same itinerary and accompanying you on your trip for more than 50% of the time sharing the same accommodations.

But this provides these family members with access to Emergency Medical Evacuation, Transportation Home, RV/Vehicle Return and other services if they experience a medical emergency while you are traveling together (vs. the more limited traveling companion services).

Extended Family can be added to an individual or family membership during checkout.

Ready to take a deeper dive into Extended Family? Click here to learn more.

What’s the difference between a traveling companion and a family member?

Traveling Companions have access to a limited number of services when a member is hospitalized, whereas covered family members (depending on the type of membership purchased) have access to ALL EA+ services in the event that they themselves are hospitalized.

  • Traveling companions are ineligible for Emergency Medical Evacuation, Transportation Home (unless the primary member is medically evacuated, transported home, or passes away while traveling), RV/Vehicle Return and other services which require the member’s hospitalization to be qualified to activate. However, traveling companions who meet the definition of extended family members can gain access to these services when Extended Family is purchased, and provided that the extended family members are traveling with you.
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Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) is not insurance, it is a membership plan. This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Hospitalization (admitted as an inpatient) is a requirement to be eligible for some services. All services must be arranged and provided by EA+. Please read the EA+ Member Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any rules and regulations. EA+ is only available to U.S. residents at this time and is not available to residents of New York. Washington state residents must be traveling more than 100 miles away from home to be eligible for EA+ services.