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Handy Travel Tips

Published on December 15th, 2022 in Travel Tips

We’ve gathered 10 of our top travel tips to ensure you’ll have a successful trip and be prepared if something goes awry on your next adventure:

  1. Keep itinerary notes on your phone in case you lose your paper copy.
  2. Always keep your ID, a credit card, some cash, your phone and your boarding pass (if you printed it out) in the same handy location when you’re on the plane. Then, if for some reason you need to evacuate quickly, you’ll have your most important items nearby.
  3. When renting a car, take a picture of the license plate this can help you locate it if you find it hard to recognize in a crowded parking lot.
  4. Keep a copy of your medications, allergies and health condition in a prominent place (such as next to your driver’s license) to alert emergency personnel if needed.
  5. Always pack your medications in your carry-on luggage.
  6. Research your destination ahead of time to maximize your time there doing your favorite activities at recommended locations.
  7. If you’re taking a cruise, plan to arrive at the departure city a day ahead of time, to give you a “cushion” in case of flight delays.
  8. Type up a copy of your itinerary and contact information and put it in your checked bags in case of luggage delays. Leave a copy of this itinerary with a family member or friend back home too.
  9. Roll each day’s outfit together to save room in your luggage and time getting ready in the morning.
  10. Take as much money and as little luggage as you can!

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