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Don’t Miss These Brew Fests This Fall

Don’t Miss These Brew Fests This Fall

Published on September 15th, 2022 in Destinations

Fall’s cooler temperatures are perfect for craft brewing, with traditional Oktoberfests and other brew fests around the country offering many tasty samples and other fall treats.

If you’re looking for a beer festival closer to home this fall, check out this list for every state. Some also feature tutorials for those who want to create their own brew.

Fall’s crisp days and colorful leaves are the perfect time to get out and explore. Haunted sites, beer fests and other fall celebrations are great ways to enjoy excellent entertainment and wonderful food and drink.

Fun Fact: Oktoberfest Begins in September Each Year

Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany, in 1810 and was originally a horse race to celebrate a royal wedding. Eventually the festival changed to the celebration we know today, featuring lederhosen, smiling barmaids carrying huge steins of beer, and polka music. Today, Munich’s Oktoberfest welcomes 6 million visitors per year who celebrate new and old friends at tables under huge festival tents in southern Germany.

You might have heard that Germany’s Oktoberfest actually starts in September, but why? Because the festival’s end date is always the first Sunday in October. So, festival workers schedule the celebration for 16-18 days and have it end near Germany’s Day of Unity on October 3rd. This schedule also takes advantage of September’s warmer weather.

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