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Referral Partnerships

It’s never been easier to earn money.

Whether you are an agency, a call center, an adventure blogger, or anything in between, you can create an additional revenue stream by selling Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®) memberships – a product that practically sells itself.

Since 1996, EA+ has been dedicated to making sure our members get the care they need while traveling and get back home safely. We have provided this peace of mind to 2,000,000+ travelers over the years.

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Best-in-Class Partner Portal

The EA+ referral program powered by our best-in-class partner portal makes it easy for anyone to make a sale and earn commission. With our generous commission package, referral partners earn not only on the enrollment but every time their customer renews their annual membership. Given that EA+ has industry-leading retention rates, referral partners can provide peace of mind to their network and, in the process, set themselves up to receive a robust ongoing commission stream for many years to come with that initial sale.

It only take a matter of days to be fully up and running in the portal. Once registration is complete, referral partners can enroll their customers with an EA+ membership in minutes, track their commission in real-time and retrieve sales collateral at their convenience. If you are an agency owner, you can load an unlimited number of agents into the portal, track EA+ activity across your agency and receive detailed monthly reporting to make commission disbursement a breeze.

Don’t wait to get started. Click the link to submit a form to start your enrollment process.

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