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Man Needs Emergency Surgery While on a Cruise

Keeping up with the Joneses in a medical emergency

Santa Barbara, California – The Jones family set out for a long-awaited cruise in the Caribbean. A couple days into their vacation Mr. Jones was in severe pain and quickly found himself in the ship’s infirmary.

The couple was scared. They didn’t know what was wrong or how they were going to get suitable medical attention while being so far from home.

They needed help and that’s when they remembered they had Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+).

“We were in a sparsely populated part of Mexico, with no modern hospital available,” said Mrs. Jones, “I called EA+ ship-to-shore, and the lovely woman who answered said ‘We are on it,’ The best words I had heard in several days.”


EA+ was in contact with the ships infirmary. Because there wasn’t a local hospital capable of treating Mr. Jones’ condition, EA+ arranged for an ambulance to drive the Joneses 1.5 hours to an airport where they boarded an air ambulance to fly them to Fort Lauderdale. The EA+ medical staff helped them get through customs and checked into the hospital.


Once admitted, Mr. Jones had emergency gallbladder surgery and remained in the hospital for five days.


“After his hospital release, EA+ arranged transportation home with a rescue RN all the way, including from the airport in San Diego about 50 miles to our home. They even brought our luggage into the house,” said Mrs. Jones.


The Joneses always hoped they’d never have to use their EA+ membership, but when they needed it most, their personal emergency network was in place. With one call, EA+ jumped in—leaving the couple free to focus on Mr. Joneses recovery while EA+ took care of the rest.


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