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1. Am I eligible for EA+ services if I get COVID-19 while on my trip?

We’re proud to say that EA+ has continued to provide assistance to members who are traveling away from home either domestically or abroad, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Should any of our members find themselves hospitalized with COVID-19 while traveling away from home, we will continue to assist in getting them home as quickly and safely as possible, within the following guidelines:

If at the time of your departure your destination has a U.S. Department of State Level 4 Travel Advisory due to COVID, any request for transportation caused by or resulting from COVID will not be provided.

If your destination has a level 1, 2 or 3 Travel Advisory due to COVID at the time of your departure, transportation requests will be considered in accordance with the rules and regulations of your membership.

We strongly recommend you research your destination before departing. You can check the current Travel Advisory list by clicking here

2. Where can I find information about COVID-19 at my destination?

There are so many credible resources, and travelers can get lost in all the available information. An EA+ membership provides members with access to an experienced and knowledgeable Global Response Center who is up to date on travel risks, including health infrastructure, COVID-19 trends, travel restrictions, alerts and warnings, and testing/quarantine requirements.

No matter the destination, travelers should understand what the COVID-19 case trends look like, if the hospitals have the capacity and equipment to test, isolate and treat if they get sick (with or without COVID-19) or injured. Travelers should consider if they are at higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, and if so, what services are available locally to assist. 

We recommend the following sites for this information. 

For destinations within the U.S.: 

CDC - Covid-19 Cases and Deaths by State 

We recommend visiting the website for your destination state or county for the latest local guidelines. This is our favorite site that has compiled an overview for each state in the U.S. 

Travel Pulse – a leading resource for the latest travel news, offers, and videos.

For International destinations:

One thing to always keep in mind is that travel risks are not static; they frequently change depending on season, natural events or political instability. Before travelers depart, we recommend that travelers review the U.S. Department of State alerts and warnings, which is a running tab on security and health risks throughout the world. 

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories by Country

Travelers should also enroll in the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and download the corresponding app so you can receive up-to-date travel safety information right to your mobile devices. Enrolling in STEP also makes it easier for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to contact you during an emergency.

Note: The U.S. Department of State does not provide travel advisories for destinations within the United States. 

3. I’m traveling to a destination that requires international health insurance. Does Emergency Assistance Plus fulfill this requirement?

Emergency Assistance Plus is not a health insurance policy and does not cover hospital or medical bills if you are hospitalized while traveling. EA+ provides medical assistance and transportation services if you are hospitalized while traveling domestically or abroad. Depending on your destination’s requirements, we recommend researching international health insurance plan options using www.SquareMouth.com or www.InsureMyTrip.com

4. What services does EA+ offer to me when I am planning a trip?

If you want help before your trip, EA+ will get you the latest details on consular services, inoculations, visas, and travel advisories. Then, anytime during your trip, you can call EA+ for up-to-date Security Intelligence — vital if you feel threatened by political or social unrest, bad weather, or any environmental hazards.

5. Are there any restrictions about which countries I can visit and still be eligible for EA+ services?

If you are traveling in a country that is on the OFAC-sanctioned list or to a country with a U.S. Department of State Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory at the time of departure, you are not eligible for transportation by EA+*. If you’re unsure of the status of a country in which you are planning to travel, please visit www.emergencyassistanceplus.com/OFAC and www.emergencyassistanceplus.com/traveladvisories to view the current countries with restrictions.

*Note: if your destination has a Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory from the U.S. Department of State only due to COVID, requests for transportation caused by, or resulting from, COVID will not be provided, but transportation requests for other illnesses or injuries would be considered in accordance with the rules and regulations of your membership. 

6. How does the Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory mean for my EA+ membership services?

The U.S. Department of State maintains a current list of the Travel Advisory status for each country in the world. Each country is listed along with their current status. Just click on your destination country and it will show an explanation of the current Travel Advisory for that location.

Note: Conditions in any country may change at any time.

If a Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory is in effect for your destination country at the time of your departure, you will not be eligible for transportation services by EA+. Typically, countries have a Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory status due to crime, civil unrest, risk of piracy, or kidnapping, etc. and we would never encourage our members to travel to a destination that may place them in danger.

However, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, some destinations have a Level 4 (Do Not Travel) Travel Advisory status ONLY due to COVID. In this case, members would not be eligible for transportation services caused by, or resulting from COVID, but would have access to transportation services for other injuries or illnesses (in accordance with the rules and regulations of your membership).

If your destination has a Level 1, 2 or 3 Travel Advisory at the time of your departure and you get COVID, requests for services will be provided in accordance with the rules and regulations of your membership.

7. How do I know if it’s safe to travel to my destination?

Unless the U.S. Department of State issues a specific warning urging U.S. citizens to defer or cancel their travel plans for a particular destination, we encourage travelers to arm themselves with the information and knowledge they need to make their own intelligent travel decisions. Levels of risk tolerance and vulnerability differ between destinations and from person to person.

Please visit www.emergencyassistanceplus.com/traveladvisories to see the current U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory status for your destination.

8. What is the difference between the CDC travel advisories and the U.S. Department of State travel advisories?

Both the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of State maintain travel advisories for countries around the world. Both agencies use a ranking system of 1 through 4, with 4 being the highest risk – “Do Not Travel” (U.S. Dept. of State) or “Avoid All Travel” (CDC).

The main difference between these travel advisory statuses has been how they are determined by the different agencies. The CDC looks specifically at the health risks that travelers would face, whereas the U.S. Department of State considers health risks as well as other threats such as crime and terrorism, civil unrest or possible natural disasters.

Until recently, these travel advisories could vary between agencies, providing conflicting information about the safety of the destination. In April 2021, the U.S. Department of State reassessed the risk levels for a large number of countries, placing more weight on health risk factors, such as COVID-19, when making their assessment. This resulted in a change that brought the U.S. Department of State and the CDC travel advisory lists in closer alignment with each other

9. How do I find out if there are any requirements in order to travel to my intended destination (i.e. vaccine, quarantine, negative COVID test, etc.)?

Requirements continue to evolve and vary from destination to destination. We recommend checking the entry and exit requirements for your destination country, as well as your airline’s travel requirements – including if and when a Covid-19 test is required at both ends of your trip.

The U.S. Department of State Country Information page contains details about entry requirements and restrictions for arriving travelers.

10. I’d like to enroll in Emergency Assistance Plus, but I’m traveling soon. How can I gain access to my membership materials?

The fastest way to enroll is over the phone. Enrollments made over the phone are processed within 1 business day. If your email address is provided at the time of enrollment, you will receive a Welcome Email with a Temporary I.D. card within 3 business days of your enrollment being processed. If you need your Member Guide or EA+ I.D. card sooner, please call our Customer Service team at the number at the top of this page for assistance.

11. How do I use the EA+ services?

Your official EA+ Identification Card will be mailed to you in your Welcome Kit as soon as you complete your enrollment. This customized I.D. card lists the emergency phone numbers to call. (You'll want to keep this I.D. card in your wallet. Most people tuck it right next to their medical plan I.D. card.)

Then, if you're suddenly faced with an emergency when you're traveling away from home, just call the emergency number located on the back of your I.D. card, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tip: the EA+ mobile app even has a 1-touch dialing feature for when you are traveling within the U.S.! 

EA+ will immediately jump in from there and begin monitoring your care. It's very important to make sure that all family members are aware that you have EA+ in the event you are unable to communicate with medical personnel, as EA+ must arrange all transportation services.

12. Which emergency services are used most often?

Our most frequently utilized services include Transportation after Stabilization (particularly those with a nurse escort) for members who become hospitalized while traveling and either miss their return flight or need to leave the location earlier than planned, Medical Evacuation, RV/Vehicle Return and doctor referrals. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve also had a lot of requests for pre-trip information and Travel Assistance. Many members are looking to travel and have questions, and many members are still traveling domestically within the comfort of their own vehicles/RV. 

13. Who is included under the Emergency Assistance Plus family plan?

As long as you sign up for the family plan, all family members who meet the definition of dependent are eligible for EA+ services: your spouse (to include legally recognized domestic partner); your unmarried children from birth and through age 18; or through age 22 if enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college, university, vocational, or technical school; and children whose support is required by a court decree: or adult child(ren) or grandchild(ren) with mental or physical disabilities who are solely dependent for maintenance and support. Children include natural children, stepchildren, and legally adopted children. They must be primarily dependent on you for support and maintenance and must live in a parent-child relationship with you. If traveling on a trip without you, Dependents are covered provided the trip does not exceed ninety (90) days.

14. Will my spouse/domestic partner still be eligible for EA+ services, even if we’re not traveling together?

Yes! If you are enrolled in the family membership, your spouse/domestic partner is protected by EA+ whether or not he or she is traveling with you. The family membership gives them access to all of the same services as the primary member.

15. How does EA+ work with my medical insurance?

EA+ is an important stop-gap between what your medical plan covers and emergency medical transportation services most health insurance plans never cover. If you become sick or injured while traveling and are admitted to the hospital, EA+ provides emergency medical evacuation to get you to a more appropriate hospital if your current facility can’t properly treat your medical condition, or gets you home once you are discharged from the hospital and stable enough to travel. EA+ arranges for medical experts to oversee your treatment and even helps your loved ones stay informed from afar with a 24-hour toll-free emergency relay service.

16. Who decides if I should be transported? Or what if I don’t like the hospital I’m currently at? Will EA+ move me?

Every situation is different depending on specific medical conditions, patient needs, and even location. The EA+ medical team will make the determination if you need to be moved after reviewing your medical records and consulting with the treating physician, if necessary. Our medical team is equipped with a vast knowledge of medical facilities around the world and are trained to determine if your current medical facility is appropriate to handle your treatment or if it is medically necessary for you to be moved to a more appropriate facility due to your specific medical needs at that time. Note: Hospitalization is a requirement to be eligible for emergency medical evacuation services under your EA+ Plan.

17. In the case of a medical emergency, how long does it take for EA+ to move me to another hospital?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the location and the patient's specific condition. EA+ will transport the member to another hospital when the first hospital is not medically appropriate for the patient’s condition. The EA+ team works as quickly as possible to secure the proper Air Ambulance for transport and gain approval at the receiving hospital.

18. How does the Emergency Cash Advance service work? Are you giving me cash and do I have to pay it back?

There may be times during a member’s travels where their specific credit card is not accepted and cash is required, or they have lost or had their wallet stolen. Emergency Cash Advance is available whenever members are traveling and a cash deposit, advance or guarantee is needed for any reason. EA+ will charge the members, or a family member/friends credit card directly for the specific amount needed after obtaining the necessary approvals and will then provide the cash directly to the member in need. EA+ can wire transfer, Western Union or pay directly to the needed facility if this is the case. This is an assistance-only service, and the actual funds must come directly from the member, a family member, or friend. 

19. What is the age limit for children/grandchildren to be eligible for transportation home under “Return of Minor Children”?

In order to be eligible for the transportation services provided under the “Return of Minor Children” service, the child/grandchild would need to be under age 18.

If the child/grandchild was above the age of 18, they may be eligible for transportation services under the “Return of Traveling Companion” service. 

20. If my whole family is caught in a medical emergency, are you able to provide evacuation service for all of us?

If a family membership was purchased and if the whole family medically requires transportation from a medically inappropriate to an appropriate facility, this service will be arranged and provided by EA+. Each family member must meet the definition of spouse, domestic partner, or dependent.

21. If I become hospitalized while I am traveling alone will EA+ bring someone out to be with me?

Yes, if an EA+ member becomes hospitalized while traveling alone Emergency Assistance Plus will cover the cost of a round-trip flight for a friend or family member of your choice to join you. While the flight will be provided at no charge, all other expenses will be the responsibility of the friend or family member. 

22. How long does it take to have my vehicle returned home under the RV/Vehicle Return service?

EA+ will work to return your RV or Vehicle home as expediently as possible. RV/Vehicle returns can take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks’ time frame, if the member has chosen to have the vehicle returned by a professional driver. The time it can take for the return depends on several different factors, including, but not limited to; the location of the vehicle, if the keys are still with the vehicle or they need to be shipped, where the vehicle is being transported, and if the RV/Vehicle is in safe and drivable condition. On average, the majority of transports are completed within 2 weeks. 

23. Can EA+ evacuate me if I have a medical emergency while on a cruise?

EA+ is here to assist no matter what type of vacation or adventure you are on. Generally, cruises will transport an onboard member to the closest port, where they can be immediately transferred to a local hospital or facility and properly evaluated. EA+ will be standing by ready to assist and evacuate the patient from there, should it be medically necessary, or, if it has been predetermined by the onboard medical staff and EA+ medical team that there is no appropriate care at the port, and it is imminent that the patient will need to be admitted, EA+ will arrange for an Emergency Air Ambulance to rendezvous with the cruise ship when it arrives at port to transport the patient to the closest appropriate facility.

It is incredibly rare for a traveler to be directly airlifted off a cruise ship for safety reasons, and in those extreme circumstances it would likely be the Coast Guard performing this specific type of transfer. Cruise ship evacuations directly from the boat are very dangerous for several different reasons (the small window of opportunity to grab the patient, weather related concerns, boat rocking, and no specific landing pad on most occasions).  The best, and safest option in almost all cases, is for the ship to relocate to the next closest location and get the member to the initial local hospital – where EA+ can then step in appropriately. 

24. Does EA+ offer any travel insurance benefits?

No, EA+ is not an insurance program, but rather an annual membership to protect you on all your travels, near and far, with medical evacuation and transportation services.

If you are also interested in protecting the investment you’ve made on an upcoming trip through a travel insurance program, we are excited to bring you TripInsure Plus by EA+. TripInsure Plus is a per-trip travel protection plan designed to complement your EA+ membership. Your most valued EA+ services such as Medical Evacuation and Transportation Home do not overlap with the travel protection benefits you get through TripInsure Plus, so you don’t pay for any duplication.  

For more information on the benefits available through TripInsure Plus, please visit www.tripinsureplus.com.

Note that TripInsure Plus is designed specifically for EA+ members. Please enroll in EA+ first before purchasing TripInsure Plus.

25. Who is Worldwide Rescue & Security?

Worldwide Rescue & Security, Inc. (WRS) is a leading provider of emergency travel, rescue and security products to members of affinity clubs, airline loyalty programs, professional organizations, auto clubs, and alumni associations. WRS is part of a network that offers customized medical, security, and travel assistance to millions of travelers, 24/7/365 days a year. WRS is part of the AGIA Affinity Services family of companies, and together we have over 60 years’ experience providing products and services to our members during times of need. Our flagship product, Emergency Assistance Plus, focuses on providing all members with a world-class customer experience, while successfully fulfilling our product promise.

26. I saw a charge for *EA+ Plan on my credit card statement. What is this for?

This is the charge for your EA+ membership. 

27. How do I log into My Account?

My Account is our online portal that helps you manage your membership. The login link is unique to the group through which you enrolled in your EA+ membership.

You can locate your My Account link in the following locations:

  • The welcome letter and/or email you received at the time of enrollment.
  • Your Billing Notice or Automatic Payment Notice
  • Your Monthly EA+ eNewsletter
  • On the Contact Us tab of this website

Once you are on your group’s My Account portal page, you will first need to register before you can log in. Click on “Register for your online account”.

You will need your 10-digit EA+ membership number – this can be located on all of the items listed above, as well as on your Member Guide and EA+ Identification Card.

Enter in your personal information – if you’re receiving an error, make sure that your name matches what we have on file for you. (Reference your billing notice or welcome materials if you’re not sure.) For security reasons they need to match when registering.

Set up your username and password, along with a security question, and you’re all set to log in!

Note: If you cannot locate your membership number, or if you need to update the name that we have on file for you, please give us a call.