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Whether you’re traveling to visit family, taking a long-planned cross-country RV tour, or a vacation overseas, a medical emergency can cause your trip to go from “routine” to “overwhelming” in a matter of minutes.

A hard fall, a heart attack, a sudden illness. Even with the best pre-trip planning, how do you prepare for an unexpected medical emergency? Who can help you while you’re in the hospital – especially if you are in another state or a foreign country? How do you get home?


If you have EA+, your personal emergency network is already in place.
One call and you can activate serious medical assistance quickly.

So you can travel with confidence.


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Single EA+ Annual Membership $179

Family EA+ Annual Membership $209


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30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Sign up for Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) today and your permanent EA+ ID Cards will arrive with your plan information packet in the mail. Take 30 days to review the program at your convenience. If you're not fully satisfied for any reason just call us at 1-855-837-2635 and you will receive a full refund as long as you have not used the services.

EA+  ENROLLMENT Guarantees:

  • Full coverage for yourself - regardless of your health you cannot be turned down
  • Full coverage for your family - with a Family Membership, spouse and dependent children cannot be turned down
  • You cannot be singled out for cancellation or a rate increase no matter what your age. No matter how often you travel. No matter how much you use EA+.
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Your EA+ card and app
are your keys to travel security.

With one call, you can activate an essential package of support services all vital in an emergency.

Medical Evacuation


Emergency Medical Monitoring by an EA+ medical expert to make sure you get the appropriate care in a medical emergency.

Air Ambulance or Emergency Medical Evacuation if deemed medically necessary to get you to a more appropriate hospital if your current facility can’t properly treat your medical condition.

Medical Specialist sent to you if your condition can’t be evaluated by phone and you cannot be moved and local treatment is unavailable.

Continuous Updates to a designated family member and/or a physician to keep them informed during your medical emergency.


Medical Assistance

Nurse on phone

Transfer of Insurance Information to Medical Providers to assist with admission and to ensure your medical care is not delayed or denied.

Guarantee of Medical Payments paid directly to the hospital or physician against a valid credit card to keep your medical care going.

Prescription Replacement Assistance if your medications are lost or stolen.

24-Hour Doctor/ER/Dentist/Attorney Locator Service to help you quickly find a professional no matter where you are in the world.


Assistance for Companions


One Round-Trip Economy-Class Airline Ticket to bring a loved one to your bedside if you’re traveling alone and become hospitalized.

Airfare Home for Dependent Children or Grandchildren who are left unattended if you’re unable to care for them due to your hospitalization.

Emergency Message Forwarding Assistance if you are unable to reach a family member or traveling companion during an emergency.

Pet Care and Return Home Assistance if you’re traveling with a pet and cannot care for them due to an accident or illness.

Ticket Home for a Traveling Companion if EA+ evacuates you from one hospital to another, transports you home, or you pass away while traveling.


Transportation Home


Transportation Home after hospitalization via a one-way airline ticket, arranged and provided by EA+.

Nurse Escort provided if deemed medically necessary to provide continued medical care during your trip home.

Return of Deceased Remains service to bring your body home if you pass away while traveling.

Vehicle Return if you can’t drive your vehicle back home because your documented medical emergency prohibits it and your companion can’t drive it either.


Other Vital Travel Assistance Available to EA+ Members include:

Destination Intelligence regarding weather, travel, health, inoculations, travel restrictions, and special events.

Real-time Security Intelligence in the event you feel threatened by political unrest, social instability, weather conditions, or health hazards.

Emergency Cash Advance Assistance (against a valid credit card) if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Lost Luggage Assistance helps you track down any lost luggage.

Document Replacement Assistance if important documents like your passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate are lost or stolen during your trip.

Language Interpretation Assistance to connect you with an interpreter over the phone if you’re traveling in a foreign country and require translation assistance for medical emergencies.

Assistance Making Flight Arrangements, securing visas, and with other logistics if you decide to leave a threatening situation.


*This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Please read your EA+ Member Guide and the EA+ Product Terms carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any rules and regulations. Washington state residents must be traveling more than 100 miles away from home to be eligible for EA+ services.


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Real Stories


A visit to see family in Arizona cut short

“My wife and I went to Arizona to visit family and early into the trip I began to experience severe abdominal pain. We went to the hospital and I was admitted for an emergency colectomy. The procedure led to a total of four weeks’ recovery in two different hospitals.

At that time, my wife contacted EA+ and an EA+ assistance coordinator took control. They handled correspondence with the hospitals to ensure I was getting the proper care and kept in contact with my wife on a daily basis to see if we needed anything. When it came time to return home, the EA+ medical team made travel recommendations based on what was medically necessary to get me home safely. EA+ covered the cost of our return flight home and handled all the arrangements to ensure a safe return trip.

EA+ took the stress out of my emergency and allowed my wife and me to focus directly on my recovery. We’ve had EA+ for two years and had no idea they would come through in the way we experienced. I would highly suggest that you have EA+ in your wallet while you travel.”

Kevin M., North Carolina


Assistance for a family after a tragic car accident

"Our family vacation quickly became a tragedy when the car we were riding in was broadsided as we traveled from the airport to our hotel. Having barely arrived in Orlando, we soon found ourselves at the local hospital. Thankfully, my two children were unharmed in the accident, but tragically my husband had been killed. I suffered from facial cuts and bruises and required surgery on my arm.

My sister-in-law contacted the EA+ assistance coordinators, who helped us return my husband's body to our home in California. They continued to monitor my medical condition until I was released from the hospital.

After I returned to our home in California, the EA+ assistance coordinators continued to monitor the situation, making arrangements between funeral homes to coordinate the transportation of my husband's body. Never did I think that our EA+ coverage would help us out so much."

Amy T., California


Victim of brain meningitis requires specialized transport home

“While vacationing in Maine, I suffered from a severe headache. My visit to the emergency room was just in time, as I was diagnosed with a brain bleed and meningitis. Unfortunately, my health continued to deteriorate and I became paralyzed. The extensive rehabilitation that I required would take months. Four weeks after I was initially admitted to the hospital, my wife decided it was time to return home to Louisiana, so she called the EA+ assistance coordinators for assistance.

Because my mobility was limited and due to other underlying medical needs, it was determined the safest way to transport a paralyzed patient with my specific medical condition from Maine to Louisiana was by air ambulance. EA+ assistance coordinators helped arrange for an air ambulance company to return my wife and I to Louisiana where I continued with rehabilitation in the familiar environment of my hometown. While the membership could not pay for the entire air ambulance transport, we are grateful for the amount the membership could contribute, because without their contribution we would’ve had to pay well over $10,000 out of our own pocket!"

Ben S., Louisiana