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With our active lifestyles, it's critical to set up a solid back-up plan... to help you handle almost any crisis, particularly when you travel away from home.

Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) Program is a crucial safety net that helps you pay for emergencies your health and travel insurance generally will NOT cover. This includes:

Medical Evacuation

Medical Assistance

Travel Assistance

Assistance for Companions

What would you do if you or your family needed emergency medical transportation due to a heart attack, stroke or allergic reaction, or if you just lost a prescription? Whether you are at home, traveling across the street, across the state, across the country, or across the world and have a medical emergency, Emergency Assistance Plus allows you to travel confidently with 24-hour emergency assistance.

You'll feel confident knowing that if you're alone, Emergency Assistance Plus will provide a loved one with emergency transportation straight to your bedside. Emergency Assistance Plus also covers return home expenses for your unattended dependent children or grandchildren.

Emergency Assistance Plus offers over 20 travel benefits that are invaluable during a crisis:

Emergency medical evacuation to get you to the facility you need if you are traveling and your current facility is unable to provide adequate care.

Vehicle return home if you're incapacitated and cannot drive after you have been medically evacuated.

No-limit emergency cash transfers for unexpected medical bills, against a valid credit card.

Telephone assistance for lost or stolen travel documents

Our no-obligation money-back guarantee allows you a full 30 day examination period. Wherever you go, Emergency Assistance Plus goes with you. Enroll Now and protect your loved ones today!

* Terms and Conditions apply

EA+ Helps Summer Vacationer

Our summer vacation to Wyoming was cut short when I fell off my horse. We were traveling with friends to enjoy the Wyoming summer and some horseback riding. Unfortunately, the fall left me with six broken ribs and a punctured lung... read more
Kathy Wright
Lincoln, NE
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